Dogs are very smart creatures and for their mental and cognitive development, you need to constantly stimulate their mind to live happily and fulfill lives. Thousands of dogs every year get depressed, because of being alone for a long time while their owners are at work. Therefore pet companies have designed hundreds of interactive toys that will stimulate your bored puppy. 

Nones, ropes, and other regular dog toys require you to be there for your dog to play with him, and won’t keep the pooch entertained for too long. The second option is to buy a novelty toy every time you’re going out, but this is also an unlogic solution and can damage your budget in no time. The ultimate solution for this problem is the subject of our article, as all you need is an interactive dog toy, and there are many mind-stimulating toys for dogs available in the market. If you are searching the internet for the best interactive toy for your dog, then you are in the right place, and here is our list of The best 12 interactive toys for your dog in the market 2023.

Interactive Dog Toys for Your Bored Pup

Top 12 Best Interactive Dog Toys in 2023

RankPictureNameWhere to Buy
1IFetch InteractiveIFetch Interactive Dog Ball LauncherSee It On Amazon
2West Paw Zogoflex QuizlWest Paw Zogoflex Quizl Interactive Dog ToySee It On Amazon
3WickedboneWickedbone Smart BoneSee It On Amazon
4FurryFidoFurryFido Interactive Dog BallSee It On Amazon
5Trixie Mad ScientistTrixie Mad Scientist For DogsBuy on Amazon
6Outward Hound HideOutward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Dog ToySee It On Amazon
7Our Pet IQ TreatOur Pet IQ Treat BallSee It On Amazon
8KONG WobblerKONG Wobbler Interactive Dog ToySee It On Amazon
9Chuckit Max Glow ProChuckit Max Glow Pro LauncherSee It On Amazon
10VARRAM PetVARRAM Pet Fitness RobotSee It On Amazon
11EE Toys IQ TreatEE Toys IQ Treat BallSee It On Amazon
12PAW5 WoolyPAW5 Wooly Snuffle MatSee It On Amazon

Interactive Dog Toys in 2023 Reviews

1. IFetch Interactive Dog Ball Launcher

This toy is a dual function doy toy and is considered as one of the best interactive dog toys that you can find in the market. Automatic IFetch interactive dog ball launcher can train both the dog’s physique and cognitive abilities and this feature will save your money as you don’t have to buy you toys for your dog it is one toy to do both jobs.

IFetch Interactive Dog Ball Launcher

See It On Amazon

The following features are what makes Automatic Ifetch dog ball launcher is the best for your dog: 

  • The launcher can be operated by your dog, it is very suitable for dog owners who spend most of their day out. Your dog will quickly get the hang of the ball launcher and will be able to charge it on its own.
  • When you have time to play with your dog, it will be fun as the device has different settings options that will surprise your dog and make him busy and active during the playing time.
  • Ifetch ball launchers can be fed with regular tennis balls, which you can find in many markets at a reasonable price. The device comes with three tennis balls that are perfect for small to medium breeds.
  • You can adjust throwing distance, and it ranges from 10 to 30 feet, which makes the toy suitable both for indoor and outdoor use.

2. West Paw Zogoflex Quizl Interactive Dog Toy

All dogs love treats so much, but no one can afford the budget of giving his pet treats all the time and what is the benefit of the treats if it is used without any goals, West Paw interactive toy solves the equation and offers you a smart solution. This dog toy will stimulate your dog’s mind and can be used as a reward during the training season.

West Paw Zogoflex Quizl Interactive Dog Toy

See It On Amazon

West Paw Zogoflex Quizl has many amazing benefits and here is some of it:

  •  By which you can train your dog to work to get the delicious treat, and this will decrease your treats budget consequently.
  • This dog toy is specially designed from durable and safe material, and this makes it ideal for tough chewers of different breeds.
  • You can use West Paw toys for fetching and other fun activities with your dog when the toy runs out of treats. 
  • The toy can be easily washed in a dishwasher for extra hygiene.

3. Wickedbone Smart Bone

Your dog will love this interactive toy, it looks like a real bone and no dog can resist a bone. Wickedbone Smart Bone will be your furry friend’s favorite toy, as it is considered one of the best interactive dog toys that will be present in the market in 2023. The device is automatic and can be operated by your dog, it is very easy to make your dog day full of fun.

Wickedbone Smart Bone

See It On Amazon

Wickedbone’s Smart Bone has many unique features that will make your dog mind always stimulated include:

  • The Smart Bone has many different modes available to make sure your pup never gets bored. You can easily choose the right mode for autonomous play or some dog-owner bonding activity.
  • Your dog is safe as the toy and its tires are made from food-grade polycarbonate, which is not only exceptionally safe for your pup, but also extremely durable and able to sustain great pressure.
  • You can use the toy indoors and outdoors for at least a month and this does not require more than 1 hour of charging. The device is easily charged and however your dog plays, you will need to rapidly charge the toy in just minutes to enjoy playing for hours.

4. FurryFido Interactive Dog Ball

The second toy that no dag can resist is the ball, FurryFido toy is an interactive toy that looks like an ordinary dog ball. Some dogs don’t like toys that look like hi-tech devices, and the traditional shape of the ball attracts most dogs.

FurryFido Interactive Dog Ball

See It On Amazon

If you have a dog who loves playing with balls, then the other feature of FurryFido interactive dog ball will make you buy it right now: 

  • FurryFibo toys contain a specific compartment that you can fill with treats for your dog, by this feature you can use your pooch playing session to train him also.
  •  You can throw and your puppy fetches the ball for unlimited hours of fun. You can also leave your dog play by himself, this interactive toy can entertain your dog while you are out. 
  • Your dog should make the holes in two balls of FurryFido interactive dog ball align to get the treats inside it. This feature will stimulate your pooch mind and challenge him. This toy should be one of your first picks when you decide to buy an interactive toy for your dog
  • For your dog dental hygiene, the manufacturer makes FurruFibo from soft and durable natural rubber. 
  • The FurryFido dog ball comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee.

5. Trixie Mad Scientist For Dogs

Making the interactive toy with a compartment to put the treats or your reward in is an intelligent feature, as this will combine the entertaining qualities of classic interactive devices with the thrill of discovering the favorite treat inside the toy.

Trixie Mad Scientist For Dogs

Buy on Amazon

Trixie Mad Scientist is one of the best interactive dog toys that, not only will stimulate your dog but also serve as a treat dispenser, and here are some features that Trixie device can offer you:

  •  You can find numerous ways for the dog to interact with the Trixie Mad Scientist toy, which are all described in the booklet that comes with the toy.
  • The colorful design of the toy will instantly attract your dog to play with it. It will be your dog’s number one toy in the household.
  • For extra safety, the manufacturer equipped the toy with a non-slip rubber mat.
  • This toy will stimulate your doggie’s curiosity and problem-solving skills while simultaneously rewarding it with a delicious treat.

6. Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Dog Toy

The Outward Hound Dog toy is a unique toy with a completely different concept. When you open the toy, you wouldn’t find any rubber or moving parts. You cannot find a toy with the same idea on our list as the Outward Hound Dog toy, and because of this, we picked it to be one of the best interactive toys for your dog.

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Dog Toy

See It On Amazon

Outward Hound toy can give every member of your household as much joy as a typical dog toy due to the following features:

  • Your pooch will spend hours looking for the squirrels inside the toy and will be thrilled by the squeaky sounds the squirrels produce.
  • You can leave your dog to play by himself, or you can play a game of fetch with him. This variety makes the playing session more fun.  
  • For extra fun, you can find the toy in four different sizes, where the number of squirrels ranges from three to six.
  • To make the game more challenging by adding more characters to the toy.

7. Our Pet IQ Treat Ball

This is the second treat dispensing ball interactive toy in our list, as these toys have many varieties to match all dog’s tastes. This ball is another interactive toy with a compartment for your treats to make your dog always active to get the reward.

Our Pet IQ Treat Ball

See It On Amazon

Interactive toys with ordinary ball shape become more popular in the market due to many reasons: 

  • Our Pet Ball comes in two different sizes and with a colorful design to suit most dog breeds. You can easily find just the right one for your pooch.
  • This toy will strengthen the bond between you and your dog, as it offers a lot of joy and happiness.
  • The ball is made from non-toxic plastic to be safe for your puppy. 
  • You can effortlessly take it for cleaning in your washing machine.
  • As your dog learns to operate the treat ball, you can adjust the difficulty level to introduce an element of challenge into the play.

8. KONG Wobbler Interactive Dog Toy

Wobbler is one of the bestsellers smart dog toys that were designed by KONG manufacturer. Like other KONG dog toys, wobbler is a very simple interactive toy.

KONG Wobbler Interactive Dog Toy

See It On Amazon

But it has many features that will entertain your dogs for hours:

  • The Wobbler dog toy can be used as a treat dispenser to decrease the budget of your dog treats, and use it as a training device. 
  • This toy can also be used as a feeding device in case you need to extend the feeding time.
  • The unexpected bounce of the KONG Wobbler is its unique feature, this feature will keep your pooch entertained for hours.
  • The toy is made from a food-grade polymer to be safe for your dog, it is also extremely durable to save your money.
  • You can Unscrew the top to instantly fill the toy with your dog’s favorite treats.

9. Chuckit Max Glow Pro Launcher

If you are searching for a practical and fun interactive dog toy, then Chuckit launcher can be your choice. Chuckit launcher is a highly popular dog toy and most dog owners are familiar with this brand. This launcher makes playing ball with your dog both easy and satisfying, as it does not require any effort to play with your dog.

Chuckit Max Glow Pro Launcher

See It On Amazon

Chuckit Max Glow Pro Launcher comes with many amazing features includes:

  • You only need to place your Chuckit Max Glow Pro Launcher under the sun during the day to charge it.
  • The glow in the dark design not only adds a fun visual element to your bonding time with your dog but is also essential for early morning or late night walks.
  • The noticeable whistling sound that is produced While the ball is flying through the air will make it easy for your dog to spot the direction the ball went.
  • Like all Chuckit ball launchers, this toy is absolutely safe and durable for your pup.

10. VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot

Leaving your puppy with a robot is a very fun idea, VARRAM Pet Robot will take of him while you are away from home. VARRAM is a high tech interactive toy that will not only entertain your puppy but also will be his trainer.  You will not be worried that your dog doesn’t get enough entertainment and exercise while you spend your day out, as VARRAM will do the job for you.

VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot

See It On Amazon

The VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot rocks a futuristic design and offers a number of important features:

  • The VARRAM robot will zoom around the room, engaging the pup in a fun to keep your dog from getting bored.
  • This robot provides your pooch with a healthy dose of exercise. You can effortlessly control the level of physical activity depending on your pup’s health and needs. Plus, there is an opportunity to track fitness statistics of your furry athlete.
  • VARRAM can dispense treats from time to time to make your dog active all day.
  • You can control both the robot manually and with a mobile app to make it easy to change the settings of the toy while you are out.
  • You can manage every aspect of the toy’s operation, from the number of tosses to sleep time.
  • In addition to the breathtaking design, The pet fitness robot is made from highly durable material and is suitable for extreme chewers. Plus, it is not afraid of getting a little wet.

11. EE Toys IQ Treat Ball

EE IQ Treat Ball is a cute and fun interactive dog toy that comes with more than one important feature.

EE Toys IQ Treat Ball

See It On Amazon

It is considered as one of the best interactive toy in 2023 due to many reasons includes: 

  • EE Interactive IQ Ball has an unusual texture, this spiky texture helps keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean.
  • You can use the IQ Ball as a treat dispenser or a ball for fetching, the toy will give the dog and the owner hours of unlimited fun.
  • EE Ball is very suitable for dogs who can spend a long time alone. If you have to spend most of the day out, leave your dog with an EE IQ treats ball and your pooch will never get bored.

12. PAW5 Wooly Snuffle Mat

Dogs, as we mentioned before, are animals created to live in the wild and hunt their food. Their instincts of searching are very powerful, and this is the concept of the last interactive toy on our list. PAW Wooly Mat will give your dog the opportunity to search for his food in your home.

PAW5 Wooly Snuffle Mat

See It On Amazon

It is a challenging issue, but PAW Wooly Mat comes with many features that will blow your dog’s mind and make him active all day: 

  • PAW Wooly Mat mimics the food hunt in the wild. You can use it for feeding or simply dispensing treats to your dog.
  • You will be able to train your dog’s sense of smell and natural instincts. Your dog will look for the treats in the Mat and when he finds it he can get his reward for his hard work.  
  • The Mat is designed with special dimensions and structure to be perfect for dogs of all breeds and sizes.
  • The material used in the mat is soft but durable, and it can be safely cleaned in a washing machine.

Why Does Your Dog Need Interactive Dog Toys?

Some dog owners find interactive dog toys are not essential for their dogs to purchase. If you are one of them, Here are 5 reasons why you and your puppy are guaranteed to benefit from an interactive toy in his daily routine:

  • It stimulates the mind of your dog

All dogs really need physical activity for their fitness, but they also cannot be happy and healthy without healthy mental stimulation. Most interactive dog toys require the dog to solve a puzzle and apply his problem-solving abilities, and the result is equally gratifying for the dog and the owner. Dogs are very smart animals and stimulating their mind makes them busy and happy.

  • It promotes exercise all-day

An interactive dog toy will provide your dog with plenty of exercises. This toy will give your dog the opportunity to move and play all the time, and give him a treat for his hard work to keep moving and exercise. Your puppy will not have just an hour after you come home from work to exercise, the interactive toy will do the job for you. 

  • It prevents unwanted behavior

Leaving your dog alone for a long time without entertainment will develop negative behavior such as chewing the footwear or destroying the furniture. Turn your dog’s attention to a fascinating interactive toy and control the unwanted behavior more efficiently. Some interactive toys will even modify these unwanted behaviors by making your dog busy and reward him for their obedience. 

  • It keeps the dog entertained while you are away

No one has the time to spend all day playing with his pet, every dog owner is familiar with a sense of guilt over leaving the pup home alone with only dog toys for a company. This is another problem that can be solved by an interactive dog toy. This device will keep your pup busy and entertained during several long sessions, so your dog will feel better while being alone.

  • It promotes a healthy weight

For Overweight dogs or who do not get enough movement during the day, an interactive dog toy will solve this problem for you. Overweight dogs are at risk of numerous health problems, but they can be easily prevented by purchasing a novelty interactive toy that will require the pup to move around a lot.

Types of Interactive Dog Toys

Most interactive dog toys have the same goal, they all aim to make your dog interact with the toy. Many well-known smart dog toys have developed hundreds of interactive toys with different designs to stimulate your dog’s mind.

Here are the most popular types of interactive dog toys you can find in the market 2023:

1. Treat dispensing Toys

The name of these toys speaks for itself: When your dog finishes the interaction session, he will receive a small treat for his participation.

2. Electronic Toys

The various sound effects and lighting effects in the electronic toys will stimulate your dog’s attention and activity. This will make him busy and active during the playing time.

3. Ball launchers Dog Toys

With an interactive dog launcher, you don’t need to be there to play with your dog. Your dog will be able to enjoy playing fetch for as long as he wants by himself.

4. Hide-and-Seek toys

A hide-and-seek toy is one of the most advanced types of interactive dog toys that requires your dog to display intelligence and problem-solving abilities to interact with the toy. This type of interactive toy will stimulate your puppy’s mental abilities in a very short time.

5. Tension Toys

Tension toys will provide your dog with unlimited hours of tug-of-war. If your dog cannot live without long and frequent playing sessions and you don’t have the time or power to do that, an interactive tension toy will eliminate your need to participate and give your dog hours of fun.

6. Mobile Toys

In case your dog’s natural instinct is to hunt for prey, you can use an interactive mobile toy to simulate a safe and satisfying process of hunting.

Features to Consider Before Buying

Buying the perfect interactive dog toy for your canine companion is a very responsible task and many owners are easily confused by the different types and features of the toys that they find in the market. If you want to make sure that your new purchase fits your dog’s personality and gives her unlimited joy.

Here are the features you need to consider before buying a new interactive toy for your dog:

  • The right size

Remember to check the recommended size of the dog when you decide to buy an interactive dog toy. You will find the recommended size written on the toy package. Buying small toys for large dogs pose a threat of choking, while small dogs simply won’t be able to fully enjoy a toy designed for larger breeds.

  • Durability

Considering your pup’s chewing habits and the material of the toy will save your money. You don’t want your new interactive dog toy to falling apart in less than a week of use. Most interactive dog toys are expensive, no one can afford to buy such an expensive toy every week.

  • Always Safety

Check the material from which the toys were made, as many dogs are prone to allergies. Moreover, try to avoid toys where your dog can bite off a piece,  it can have serious consequences for the pup’s health. Choose a toy that is made of approved, non-toxic material for your dog safety.

  • Fun

Make sure you are choosing a toy that your dog will find interesting. The most important feature in any interactive toy is fun. You should pick a fun interactive toy for your dog to interact with the toy easily. The toy should match your dog’s personality and tastes. A dog who is not likely to enjoy a fetching session will likely feel rather indifferent towards an interactive fetch toy. 

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Your dog will be grateful for the interactive toy that you buy, some dog owners may consider interactive puppy toys to be too expensive and not essential for their dogs, but when a single toy can provide your puppy with unlimited hours of fun and stimulate its mental and physical development, you should definitely consider interactive dog toys to be a great investment.

Our list of The Best 12 interactive Dog Toys in the market in 2023 will guide you to choose the best for your canine companion. Make sure to read the feature to consider before buying.

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