There are many health problems that affect dogs’ digestive system, these problems may lead to food intolerances and eating disorders. For healthy dogs, it is easy to choose a good dog food with different flavors from any brand, but it is considered a challenge for dogs with a Sensitive Stomach or other digestive problems to find the best dog food for digestive problems.

Dogs with digestive problems have special dietary considerations and need dog food easy to digest, as every ingredient in the formula can be a threatening agent for your dog’s life. In this article, we will focus on The Best Dog Foods that you can buy for your pet who suffer from Digestive problems. To know how to choose the best for your dog, you will find a list of the ingredients that you should look for and another one for the ingredient that may be the cause of digestive problems in dogs to avoid, let’s start.

Best Dog Food for Digestive Problems

5 Best Dog Food for Digestive Problems in 2023

RankPictureNameWhere to Buy
1Purina Pro Plan FocusPurina Pro Plan Focus Dog FoodBuy on Amazon
2CANIDAE All Life StagesCANIDAE All Life Stages Dog FoodBuy on Amazon
3Blue Buffalo Basics LimitedBlue Buffalo Basics Limited Dog FoodBuy on Amazon
4Hill’s Science Diet AdultHill’s Science Diet Adult Dog FoodBuy on Amazon
5Merrick Whole Earth FarmsMerrick Whole Earth Farms Dog FoodBuy on Amazon

Dog Food For Digestive Problems in 2023 Reviews

Dogs may have an intolerance to certain foods or a food allergy that causes poor digestion and other digestive problems. In some cases, chronic illness can trigger digestion problems in dogs.

Puppies and senior dogs have a more sensitive digestive system than other dogs, you should be very careful if you have a dog with a sensitive stomach. There are some types of dog foods that can worsen the issues. Here are our recommendations for safe dog foods for your dog, don’t miss them, and keep reading.

1. Purina Pro Plan Focus Dog Food

Purina Pro is a well-known dog food brand in the market, it is the perfect choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs. This product is made with natural and simple ingredients, so it is considered a satisfying and tasty meal for dogs with digestive problems.

Purina Pro Plan Focus Dog Food

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If your dog is a picky dog, Purina Pro Plan Focus dog food has a very delicious flavor that will make your dog love it. It is not only a balanced and complete meal but also a discomfort reliever. This dog food will be your first step to solve the sensitivity problem and increase the appetite of your dog.

The main ingredient in this product is salmon and this protein is ideal for a healthy diet. Salmon is rich with antioxidants and vitamins that will protect cells from oxidations and damage. It also contains omega 6 fatty acids for a shinier coat so it is ideal for dogs with sensitive skin. Oatmeal will provide your pet with fibers which are essential for digesting food easily. It is suitable for large, medium, and small dogs with digestive problems in different breeding stages.

2. CANIDAE All Life Stages Dog Food

Canidae All Life Stages dog food is our second option on our list. The main advantage of this product is variability, as it comes in two varieties to suit your dog’s taste. If your dog prefers chicken, he/she will find the chicken meal is the best. There are a lamb and rice meal for other dogs who prefer lamb over chicken.

CANIDAE All Life Stages Dog Food

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Using a sole animal protein is a very useful technique to find the root of the problem. You should remove some ingredients from your dog’s diet which may be the cause of this digestive problem by using dog food with simple ingredients to get rid of food sensitivities.

Multiple ingredients in dog food can worsen stomach problems, you need a dog food with premium simple ingredients provides your dog with all the vitamins and minerals with the least number of ingredients to avoid food sensitivities, all of these makes Canidae All Life Stages dog food a good food for digestive problems.

Canidae does not contain wheat, soy, or corn, which may cause stomach upset. It is composed of 23% protein, 4% fiber, 12.5% fat, and 10% moisture. This product also contains Chondroitin and Glucosamine which are essential to Strengthen your dog joints.

This dry food can be consumed by dogs of all ages as the name implies. This makes it ideal for families with multiple dogs of different ages and sizes. The food is versatile as it works on clearing digestive issues and gives the skin a shinier coat. For all-round dog food, this formula may come in handy.

3. Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Dog Food

The Blue Buffalo Basics is free from preservatives, animal by-products, additives, or colorants which makes it a very safe food for your dog. It is made with pumpkin, turkey protein as well as pea fiber, oatmeal, potatoes, and brown rice which are a healthy source of carb to support your dog’s health.

Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Dog Food

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This formula does not contain any harmful ingredient that could harm your pet, it is also a grain-free formula that supports the healthy intestinal function. This is why it may be ideal for a dog with digestive problems.

This product has limited ingredients, so it works better for dogs with stomach sensitivities and a digestive problem, it also contains a decent blend of fruits, vegetables, and micronutrients that have been selected specially to promote digestive function.

The product is very delicious and the ingredients are easy to digest and the dog’s body uses it for energy. The fresh ingredients give it a vivid flavor profile for even picky dogs. You can mix it with other canned dog food for digestive problems to get the maximum benefits.

4. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Dog Food

Hill brand comes in different varieties, as the formula is based on the specific needs of the dog breeds, you can buy it for all types of small breeds like chihuahuas, Shih Tzu, and Deer head chihuahuas. It is also suitable for large breeds such as the Goberian. There are also special recipes for sensitive skin and stomach. The formula comes in canned or dry food to meet the needs of your dog.

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Dog Food

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Hill’s dog food is a nutritionally balanced meal, it is created from high-quality ingredients such as Omega -6 fatty acids. This ingredient helps promote a healthy dog coat with antioxidants to cater to sensitive stomachs. Vitamin E and C help improve immunity and protect your dogs from free radicals which may damage their cells from damage.

It contains simple ingredients that your dog can digest easily, and this makes it ideal for dogs with allergies and may clear up their digestion issues in weeks of use

Only real ingredients were used,  and the product is free from fillers which makes it filling and prevents overindulging. These harmful ingredients may cause allergies to your dog. All of these make this dog food from Hill’s ideal for pets that have digestion problems.

5. Merrick Whole Earth Farms Dog Food

Merrick Whole Earth Farms contains a blend of top-quality nutrients that promote healthy nutrition and ensure a balanced diet and specially formulated for dogs suffering from digestive problems. This product is rich in vitamins and minerals from premium sources to support your dog’s health, so it’s one of the best dog foods for gastrointestinal problems.

Merrick Whole Earth Farms Dog Food

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This dog food comes in 5 different variations to meet your dog taste, it doesn’t contain soy, wheat, corn, or other by-products to avoid food allergies and stomach problems. The product is also free from ingredients that irritate the stomach.

Merrick is made from multiple protein sources such as chicken, turkey, pork, beef, lamb, salmon, white fish, chicken, turkey, and duck. Foods rich in protein are good for digestive issues as carbs may aggravate gastrointestinal problems.

The product is filled with proteins that are essential to preserve the muscle ratio of your dog and promote its overall health. All ingredients are protein-rich to support healthy digestion while also providing a shiny coat and strong nails. The features make it more affordable than some others in the category.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying Good Dog Food

To choose dog food for dogs with digestive problems, you need to be extra cautious when picking food. Here are some things to consider before buying your dog food:

1. Easy to digest ingredients:

the best dog food for digestive problems must be easily digestible dog food to promote healthy digestion. Some good examples include chicken, lamb, rice, sweet potato, as well as potato. These ingredients are easily digested and may be ideal for dogs with digestive issues and a sensitive stomach. Formulas with supplements are also encouraged.

2. Fewer ingredients:

dog food for dogs with digestive problems and sensitive stomachs, in general, must be balanced and complete. This means that it has to contain only a limited number of ingredients. The reason is that diets containing high amounts of ingredients may upset the pet’s stomach. The best option is meals containing basic meats and rice.

3. Bland composition:

dog food for digestive issues must also be labeled balanced and complete. This means that it should provide all the necessary nutrients without having an effect on your pet’s health. Note that home-cooked meals are great, but when a pet has digestive issues, it may not be a good idea. The pet may still experience allergic reactions if the right composition is not included in the meal.

4. Grain-free:

dogs may prefer grain food as it may be tastier but aren’t ideal in this case. Many manufacturers use grains as the sole ingredient rather than protein which your dog desperately needs. Wheat and corn are the top common ingredients that cause digestive issues in dogs. Such grains are carbs and should be used appropriately.

5. Probiotic content:

probiotics are very important as it forms a crucial part of all diets as they help stimulate the digestive system, thereby enabling proper digestion of your dog. However, some good dog foods may not contain a sufficient amount of this supplement in the formula. You can also get the probiotic supplement from a store and sprinkle it over the dog’s food.

6. Lack of protein:

best dog food for gastrointestinal issues should contain a sufficient amount of protein, a diet that is low in protein is not healthy for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Some dog food companies mix a few protein sources in single dog food, but this is bad for dogs with digestive problems. It will irritate their tummies further and cause digestive problems.

Ingredients That May Cause Digestive Issues in Dog Food

1. Fruits:

Fruits are a very important element in your dog diet, but some fruits are not appropriate for canines despite being healthy. It contains a high amount of sugar that can irritate your dog’s stomach and cause digestive issues. Most good commercial dog food for digestion problems has 10% fruit content.

2. Dairy products:

some dogs may like milk and other dairy products and may not have digestion issues. While others suffer intestinal distress when they ingest dairy products. Some symptoms may include diarrhea, gas, and vomiting, the severity of the symptoms depends on the sensitivity of your dog. You need to know if your pet is lactose intolerant or not. But if your dog has digestive issues then you may need to avoid all dairy products in the interim.

3. Gluten:

this is another ingredient that can aggravate digestive issues. Gluten that contains grains like rye, barley, wheat, and spelled may cause digestive problems in dogs. Studies have revealed that they are the main causes of inflammatory health disorders.

Ingredients You Should Look For in your Dog Food

Boiled rice

Boiled rice is easier to digest than brown rice, so it should be an essential ingredient in your dog food. This ingredient is used in preventing or stopping digestion problems in dogs. It can also treat an upset stomach as well as diarrhea in pets. Vets recommend brown rice for nutritional value.


Chicken must be the main ingredient in your pets that have digestive issues or a sensitive stomach. This is because chicken is easily digestible and doesn’t cause stomach problems. It is also a good protein for most digestive disorders. The ingredients in your preferred option should contain such rich sources of protein to meet your dog’s needs.

Lean ground beef

Lean ground beef is a rich source of nutrients. This ingredient is the third lean protein and is common in dog diets. It contains minerals, vitamins, and amino fatty acids. The ingredient is one to look out for when buying the best dog food for digestive problems.

Boiled potatoes

Mashed or boiled potatoes contain vitamin C, B6 as well as minerals like magnesium and potassium and is considered a great choice for dogs with a sensitive stomach. However, portion control is necessary because the vegetable contains sugar in large amounts and may cause other health problems like diabetes.


Another non-toxic protein source is turkey, and this very useful ingredient must be added to your dog diet. It can be found in a lot of commercial foods in the market. Since it is low in fat, it is ideal for pets with digestive issues.

Ingredients You Should Avoid Completely

To change your dog’s food to a formula with limited ingredients, you need to pay attention to ingredients found in your dog food. The best dog food for digestion problems should contain a reasonable amount of healthy fats, protein, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates for proper nutritional balance.

There are some specific ingredients that should be avoided when buying dog food. They include:

1. Wheat:

whole wheat is ideal for humans but for dogs. It can cause digestive issues. Also, it lacks the necessary nutritional value needed for dogs. Wheat and wheat ingredients are not recommended for dogs with digestive issues.


these are chemical preservatives that can be found in some pet foods. Studies have revealed that they are linked to several health problems. Any dog food with this ingredient should be avoided. Opt for natural preservatives instead.

3. Gluten:

as mentioned earlier, gluten is not good for dogs with digestive issues. It is a protein found in barley, wheat, and rye. Most dogs have gluten sensitivity. It is best to avoid this ingredient in your preferred dog food.

4. Colors:

dog food doesn’t require artificial colors as they do not offer any nutrition. It only makes it look more enticing to humans.

Corn syrup: human food may require sweeteners, but dog food doesn’t need such sweeteners. Avoid any product that contains corn syrup or any other type of sweetener.

5. Soy:

soy is great for humans, but it doesn’t offer much value for dogs. They can cause gas and bloat for dogs.

6. Propylene glycol:

this ingredient is found in antifreeze and is used to preserve the moisture in wet food. It can be toxic in high doses.

7. Rendered fat:

salmon oil and chicken fat are good sources of nutrition and energy for dogs. Rendered fat such as animal fat and poultry fat are low-quality ingredients.

8. Corn:

corn is healthy for humans but can be difficult to digest in dogs. It also doesn’t have any nutritional value to add.

Animal by-products: for a high-quality diet, cheap fillers are not advised.

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Best dog food for digestive health should be picked very carefully because some ingredients in dog food could worsen the problem, so you should pay more attention to the ingredients in each product you buy for your dog.

All dog food we mentioned above in the list are excellent quality dog food brands in the market. These products contain lots of ingredients that promote healthy digestion in dogs. Also, they have antioxidant content that helps promote healthier skin and coat in dogs while clearing their digestion issues. Please tell us about your choice in a comment below and don’t forget to share the article, we are waiting for your recommendation about our next article.

Dog Food For Digestive Problems Reviews

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