About Us

Hey! My name is Lily Oliver and I had my dog, Rocky, for as long as 6 years! We both have grown and I learned a lot from him as well!

I and Rocky have bonded together so well, and I gathered my six years of experience with dogs and especially Rocky on this website. I also have been dealing with plenty of dogs in the parks and in shelters to know their habits, behavior, as well as health and care for these pure souls that always draw a smile on our tired face.

I will also help you pick the right treat and equipment for your lovely dog. So your dog can always enjoy the right treat for him/her without any fear or worry!

You will find in this site all you need to know about making the right choice. We compare popular food and equipment brands like Kurgo as well as Ruffwear to help you pick what suits your favorite pet.

Feel free to enjoy reading these top content on our website as a start in this journey for a better life with your dog!